And a Dash of Perspective.

The Art of Perspective

Forgive the cheesy quote, however it does ring certain truths. For the longest time I have always yearned for a future where I am rich, successful, and able to change peoples life’s  for the better. Whether that was through a large business or the government, the scheme changed from time to time. In short, I wanted to reach for perfection and I wanted it to reach back. It is in this post-university haze that I have realised that kind of live is not what I really want. I wish, primarily, to be happy. It sounds so simple and yet the idea eludes so many people. There is no reason why, that in my quest to live a good and happy life, I cannot still achieve some of the things I previously desired. The difference is now I will not have use all of my energy focusing on those things. I can be, in a sense, ‘free’ from them.

I’m sure this all sounds well and good, but how does one achieve happiness? I’m sure the Dalai Lama would have some choice words for those seeking this illusive state of mind. For myself, happiness can come from nullifying stressful events, not dwelling on matters that cannot be changed, and living a life that I can be proud of, on my own terms. This still sounds quite cheesy, I know. I guess it’s just one of those posts.

One attempts to be happy in the day to day life by doing activities that one enjoys at a leisurely pace. Of course, I have to do plenty of things with my life that I would rather not do (read: household chores). Because of these things that can occur on a daily basis, it is important to realise that they are, in themselves, good things. This is because they are done either for the self or others. Helping yourself will lead to more happiness in the future and helping others can bestow a sense of reward that you are making other people happier, their lives easier.

Perhaps it would be best to describe a happy life as an enriched life. A person who is knowledgeable,  social and cultured, along with other such traits. Such is the kind of person I now wish to be. I believe that to pursue these noble ideas will give me a happy life. In time I will be able to tell if this is true, but already over the past few weeks I can say that I feel happier, and not just because the stress of university is finished with.

Plenty of factors come into play when considering how  happy you are. As I now have a job and thus a source of income, it acts as a boon to my happiness. Many events that happen in life are uncontrollable and may act to hinder or boost one’s happiness. It is in accepting the bad and riding the good that one can find greater happiness.

This is all starting to sound a bit philosophical for my tastes. I will leave such thought and discussion to wiser men than I. To sum up my own thoughts: one must strive for a happy life. It should be possible to find joy in even the smallest of actions and when the bad times come about, which they will, one must learn to deal with the issues swiftly and in a manner that will not hinder future happiness. After all, it’s all in your head.



One response to “And a Dash of Perspective.

  1. londoninbloom

    Christ, I could have told you that…. obviously you missed the seminar I lead in first year ‘How to be happy and not punch the parking warden.’ Glad you got your head in the right place though x

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